Fix My Website

Absolutely. We provide ongoing website support and maintenance for any WordPress website, whether we built it or not.

Ongoing maintenance is a critical component to keep your website running as smoothly and securely as the day it was launched.

We offer a reliable monthly support plan you can purchase with or without our hosting. The maintenance plan is just $99/mo and includes:

  • 30 minutes of development work each month
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Reliable backups with 1 click website restoration
  • Updating WordPress
  • Updating plugins
  • Updating premium themes
  • Malware + Security scans
  • Performance + Site speed testing
  • A detailed monthly report
  • A detailed SEO report
  • Faster request turnaround time

Not a chance. We built our agency on highest quality performance and want to retain long-term relationships with our clients. All work will be performed by developers on staff in the United States.

Our pro maintenance plan provides a library of video user manuals that you can watch at your own pace and learn how to make changes to your website.

You can also purchase custom how-to videos tailor made for your website. Live training is invoiced @ $175/hr.

Yes, we work with websites on any host. In most cases we will need login credentials for your web hosting platform and FTP access to perform the requested work.

Sometimes it’s the hosting company responsible for website issues that stem from server vulnerabilities and slow load time. If your host is the problem, we will provide information and recommend a faster, more secure web host.

Requests are initiated within 1 week and work is invoiced @ $130/hr. If you need faster turn-around times with a lower hourly rate ($110/hr), we give priority service and 1 hour of included development work to clients enrolled in our pro website maintenance plan. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Once you click the orange FIX MY WEBSITE button on this page, you will enter your information and we will reach out to you to discuss your needs. An estimate will be given and any work quoted over 4 hours will be invoiced 50% up front and 50% due on completion.

While some of our work is charged hourly like one-off requests that don’t take more than a day to complete, other complex services are charged a flat rate. Our flat rates are determined at the onset of the project, and is based on our experience to cover the amount of time, costs and effort by our team necessary to deliver the promised solution.

This pricing structure gives us the flexibility needed to deliver our best work while remaining unconcerned with watching the clock so as not to rack up excessive billable hours or quench our creativity.

Flat rates are also beneficial since the price agreed upon is the price paid with nothing hidden. There is no need to quote every feature individually since the price quoted gives us budget to deliver the best solution possible.

Update My Website

Small website edits such as swapping out a photo or replacing text can be done in 15 minutes. Larger projects such as adding the ability to accept online payments or building a login portal could take a month or more. We will quote a time frame up front.

Clients enrolled in our maintenance plan receive priority support, and requests are handled first.

If your project is going to take more than a couple hours, we will give an estimate of time and verify it with you before beginning any work. Our standard agency rate is $130/hr (or $110/hr with 1 hour free for clients enrolled in our maintenance plan). Projects estimated over 10 hours will be given a flat fee rate with 50% due up front and 50% due on completion.

Yes, we offer a training rate of $175/hr for any live screen sharing, recorded custom videos, or how-to documentation.

Our pro website maintenance plan comes with a library of tutorial videos you can watch at your own pace to learn how to make changes to your own website.

Website Restore typically works on maintaining existing websites, however, we are more than capable of building a website from the ground up. Our websites are custom built, without the use of downloadable themes/templates. Custom websites last the organization about three times longer than a theme because they better represent the business and are flexible to expand and grow with the business.

Our custom sites start at $15k for informational websites and $20k for more complex websites such as ecommerce and portals. Projects generally take about 5 months to launch.

Manage My Website

Our pro maintenance plan provides a library of video user manuals that you can watch at your own pace and learn how to make changes to your website.

You can also purchase custom how-to videos tailor made for your website. Live training is invoiced @ $175/hr.

After signing up for a plan, you will be auto-charged $99 each month on the same day you enrolled. If you requested work that took longer than 30 minutes, it is time tracked and you will receive an invoice at the end of each month for work over 30 minutes.

Yes! A separate plan will need to be purchased to support each website.

Additionally, we support WordPress Multi-site and only one plan would be required at an upgraded monthly price. We suggest contacting us at (877) 727-7845, before placing an online order, if you are using WordPress Multi-site.

Our business hours are from 9a – 5p PST Monday through Friday. Any work request submitted after-hours will be attended to the next business day. Hosting notifications of a down website are attended to immediately. After-hours support can be requested at an emergency rate of $220/hour.

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